ProFlightSimulator Review

In this ProFlightSimulator Review I will go over the product, pros and cons. You will see why it is becoming one of the most popular flight simulators online. Some of these features require the full scenery pack, but it is well worth it. Right now you can get the full scenery set with four additional bonuses. Click Here to check it out.

ProFlightSimulator Review Flight Simulator Game

ProFlightSimulator Review – Pros

  • Massive Selection of Aircraft’s and Airports – There is over 120+ Aircraft’s to choose from; airplanes, helicopters, fighter jets, airliners, propeller planes, etc. Also there is over 20,000+ real world airports to take off from or land at.
  • Extremely Realistic Flying – Terrian, aircraft reactions, planetary alignments and movements is based on actual world data. When flying at night you can see car headlights on major roadways, and accurate airport lightning.
  • Play Online with Google Maps Integration – if you get tired of flying by yourself go online and fly with thousands of other players. You can fly in formation with other players, do aerobatics or even air to air refueling. Google Maps will show where you are and the rest of the online players. Best part of this ProFlightSimulator Review!
  • Synchronized Time with Real-World Time – Time is read from your system clock, and is based on what is happening around the world. The sun, moon, stars, and planets are correctly placed for the specific time and date. Seasonal effects are also taken into place.
  • Multiple Controller Support – Supports many types of flight simulator controls such as yokes, foot pedals, throttle, etc.
  • Money Back Guarantee and Free Updates For Life – If you don’t like the game you have 60 days to return it.

ProFlightSimulator Review – Free Bonuses When You Order

  1. Interactive Scenery Designer – Can pretty much create or design anything you can think of. Buildings, landscapes, rivers, mountains, airports, etc.
  2. Kelpie Flight Planner – Helps you customize your flights. Uses real time data with airports and different places.
  3. Aeron Combat Flight Simulator – My favorite add-on. Focuses on Air Battles, Combat Maneuvering, Aritficial Intelligence, and Flight Dynamics.
  4. Professional Airplane Flying Handbook – 281 colored pages on Aircraft Flying.

ProFlightSimulator Review – Cons

May Take A While To Download – Its a big download and if your internet connection is slow it may take a while. Or you can get the DVDs sent to your house.

Controls A Little Overwhelming At First – Because it is what you would expect to find in a real airplane. They do get easier after a while though, and you can get help and video tutorials in the members section.

My Opinion – ProFlightSimulator Review

I’ve played just about every flight simulator games and not any of them measure to this one. The details and scenery is incredible. They made this game to be as close to real flying that you can get and they did a extremely well job. I play it on a 46″ television with two additional monitors set up with a Yoke, Throttle and Foot Petals. I spend hours flying around looking at the scenery and landmarks. It is a great game and I’m sure it will be very entertaining for a long time. Hopefully you found my ProFlightSimulator Review useful and I will see you online.


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